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3D Kitchen Cabinet Online Course – Basic


5x online classes 1:1 = RM150 x 5 = RM750 + (video tutorial) RM200 = RM950



Chief Architect Overview Chief Architect is a CAD and 3D modeling software suite product that gives you complete control over your commercial and residential floor plans. Computer-aided design (CAD) software allows you to refine every aspect of your building design with smart materials, equipment and furniture objects. It also comes with a robust site plan and terrain module for overall landscaping capabilities and helps you aggregate your construction documents for a more organized and streamlined work environment. Chief Architect is available for use on Windows and Apple desktop and laptop computers. Who Uses Chief Architect? Businesses use design CAD software products in industries such as architecture, home building, real estate, banking, hotel design and management. Characteristics of Chief Architect 3D modeling: This system helps you in your floor plan with a practical 3D modeling module. As you create a wall in your blueprint, the program automatically creates a 3D wall to speed up the process. You can also render your projects in a photorealistic way or add an artistic flair with filters such as line drawing or watercolor for complete 3D modeling functionality. Building design: A comprehensive design toolkit empowers you to design high-quality buildings down to the finest detail. A series of automatic and manual tools allow you to create layouts, add materials and animate dynamic camera movements that give you easy guidance. Inner part: Chief Architect comes with an extensive library of smart objects that you can use to populate your 3D models. It allows you to easily add elements such as appliances, furniture, cabinets, counters and floors. This feature saves you time and money by helping you quickly see various design elements in your floor plan so you can find the right furniture for your building's interior. CAD tools: Professional home design software allows you to draw up blueprints to your exact specifications. It comes with drafting tools such as lines, arcs and solids for overall drawing functionality. You can also copy lines, mirror objects, and replicate models from the system as well to create the exact blueprints needed for the work in progress. Site plan and terrain: Chief Architect helps you bring curb appeal to your property with a comprehensive terrain and landscape toolkit. A robust library includes elements such as sidewalks, roads and plants so your building is as attractive on the outside as it is on the inside. Construction documents: Complex construction projects can quickly become a mess of disorganized files and documents, which is why Chief Architect aggregates your records into a central repository. You can store all your floor plans, contracts, invoices, permits and more directly in the software, making them quickly accessible as needed.


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